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I'm an 18 y/o and I believe I have gyne but I don't know if it's just fat. When I was 13, I weighed 140lbs and had slightly puffy nipples but nothing major. I gained about 60 pounds when I was 15 from temporarily stopping drug use and they definately grew. When I was 16 I got back down to about 160-180lbs from using again but I don't really remember if there was any difference or not. Eventually was busted and went to some institutions where I got all the way up to 275lbs after sleeping and eating for a long time! Over the last year, I have lost 70lbs, mostly over the last few months and weeks.

I started smoking when I turned 18 in August and starting eating worse. Quit for about a month and starting eating less and healthier. Also started working out and lost some weight. Started again a while ago but I've continued to work out and not over eat. I normally do about 60 sit-ups a day, I have weak arms though so I do about 10-20 push-ups a day, and sometimes I'll run for about 1/2-3/4 mile or run up and down my stairs for a while.

I'm at 6'1", 205lbs now and about the same work out. My friends have noticed the loss but I still have a rather high fat content and pretty large breasts with large puffy nipples. There's no possible way I could afford surgery. Biggest problems are lovehandles and breasts. I tend to have a lot of energy so I'll jump around or run around a lot even when I'm not working out.

I know it's not a very extensive workout but I can't do much more than that at one time. Sit-ups are the easiest for me to do and I enjoy it. Don't like push-ups or running and I've been told to not push too hard to do things you really don't like if there are healthy things you enjoy. I've not been eating very healthy lately and I talked to my doc but he seemed to have shrugged it off. I normally eat 1-2 small meals a day but I feel like I have plenty of energy.

Help with this issue would really be appreciated. I suppose I could prolly take some pics if those would help.

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Would pics help? Little too lengthy?

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My advice would be to join a gym if you haven't done so already as they have all the equipment you would need for a workout (there are some sites out there that have full workouts you can do at home, but you'd have to look around).  

You should change your workout every 6-8 weeks, and you should do the things you don't necessarily like because they will help in giving you the results you want.  You say you have weak arms, then maybe put some more emphasis on working them out, start with light weights and move up gradually.  Also, if you want to lose bodyfat, do some low intensity cardio (where your heart rate is at around 130), this can be done by walking, jogging, biking, going on an elliptical, climbing stairs, etc.

And finally, just make sure you eat somewhat healthy (I'm not the type to say to cut out all the junk, as everyone loves junk food and I don't think you should completely deprive yourself of it, just don't over do it) and drink lots of water.

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Hi m8

pics could be useful, if you can get them up. I couldn't afford surgery either. In the UK we have the NHS (free health care) but there is a long waiting list and you don't get to pic your surgeon.

So while waiting on the list I had a go myself as mine was mainly fat. Had fat every where in fact from medication. I started off slow with exercise walking and running for say a mile and pressups situps etc and built up from there. It took me a year to get rid of the boobs.I still have one slightly puffy nip but it is very minor and a PS I saw recently advised against.  

Fron reading what you said when I was losing weight, I had more meals, three and a small snack after workout. This gets your metabloism going throughout the day see. Always make sure you eat breakfast as well. The main thing is to eat healthy,no junk plenty of veg and fruit as well as meat fish etc.

I eat four meals now but that is due to the volume of phs Iam doing.

Secondly you need to push yourself a little , there is a difference between post exercise aching , and real lungs coming out of your mouth pain. I used to ache like mad after exercise when I started, and sometimes would vomit after circuit training.  

Gyms are good , get advice from a gym instructor and explain what you want to do. If you cannot afford a gym then plenty of running and biking will get the fat off. Try to work up to twenty minutes- thirty minutes three -four times a week. For your upper body circuits are good, work up to sets of pressups and situps, buy yourself a pullup bar too they are not that expensive not in the uk anyways. Try to do these circuits three times a week as well. e.g when I started I did 7 pressups, 15 situps, 10 burpees and three pullups. Do this three times with one min rest between sets.

Some gyms are cheap though if you shop around. And youll get advice and maybe a bit of encouragement as well. make sure you have at least one complete rest day a week. Too. The main thing is to stick with it, if it is pi**ing down with rain outside make yourself go etc. Eventually you'll start to enjoy esp when you notice your body changing.
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