Author Topic: Weight training, making it better or worse?  (Read 3292 times)

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Hi all  :). Im new to this forum so im not sure this topic has been disgussed before. I've had gynecomastia since i was about 13 but it hasn't bother me alot until i got around 16. I'm now 18 and suffer mainly from the puffy nips. I've read that weight training and losing weight can cause your nipples to look bigger and i understand how it works but it can also (what i've seen) cause the nipple to be placed lower on your chest when you lose fat and gain more muscles, like the body builders look with gyne. It should make it alot less noticable with your shirt on at least. Im asking cause im afraid of working out my chest and losing weight (im not overweight but have some body fat) if it would make my gyne look worse   :-\

And im sure alot of guys on this forum has tried both weight lyfting and cardio and i was wondering out of your own experience, has it helped with your gyne making it look better or worse?

sorry about any typos, im swedish  ;)

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I've been on these forums for a short while now and have learnt so much about gyne already just from reading bits here and there...

This is just my opinion based on what I've seen around the forum.

Weight training and exercise is definetly a reccomended thing to do. Losing excess fat, toning up and bulking up a bit can make you feel better about yourself, put you in a better position for surgery, sometimes reduce the gyne a little bit (i.e just the excess fat part of it) obviously it won't make gland go away or anything.

From what I've seen I'd say yes definetly go for it start training but from what I've seen, avoid bench press and excessive push ups.

I went to the gym again last tuesday for first time in ages and did feel loads better after. Haven't been back since cos I'm a lazy **** but I'm forcing myself back down there and to keep it up. I also started rock climbing, its awesome, using your body weight to pull you around , its a very good workout and quite fun.. It has to be a good resistance training, as altho it is cardio, you're still doing a lot of "weight" lifting in pulling yourself up the walls etc.


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