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hi hope everything going well,

ive been weight training for a few months, but when it comes to training the chest ive only been doing an incline bench to ensure i dont get too much lower pec growth for obvious reasons,

i just wanted to ask do pullups target the lower pec because if they do i better stop doing them, but the thing is i find them really productive,

does anyone know if an outward facing grip with pullups targets the lower pec?

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I do LOADS of pullups virtually everyday. I have gyne on one side. The pullups tend to work the arms and back muscules primarily. I have not noticed any worsening of my gyne .
      I have been doing them for months now. If you like them keep doing them.

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your chest is used for pushing things. as are your triceps. and shoulders. hence you may notice, things like 'push-ups' bench 'presses', tricep 'pull-downs', shoulder 'presses' and 'dips' are all workouts that target the chest, triceps, and shoulders. :)

your back & biceps are used for pulling.

when you do pull ups, you basically pull yourself up. you're not pushing or pressing.. hence. the only muscles worked out are your back, your biceps, and your trapezius (the triangular muscle joining your neck & shoulders).

the simple thing to do if you're wondering what workout works what muscle.. is just ask yourself where you feel the intensity..

for obvious reasons, when you do a pull up.. you shouldn't be feeling any work being done by your pecs.


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