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I have a pretty good case of gyne, and I am about 20 pounds or so overweight. But when I was thin it was not as noticable,  they seem to be more fatty, instead of the gladular tissue. Can anyone tell me why this happens, I see other guys that are really overweight and dont have gyne. I'm working out and dieting, and I know that when I loose weight they will look normal, but it makes me sad to think i have to work out like a mad man to keep this in check. any thoughts, will surgery help rid this area of fat for good.

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     For you it sounds like your body like to store fat there. I am like that too, when I loss weight they aren't as noticable and when i gain they come right back in full veiw. If they look normal when you lose weight you may not have gyno, but have a body  that just store more fat in the chest area. To anwser your question surgery will get the fat out, but when you gain weight again it may just can right back. Go talk to a doc he will know the full scoop on your condition.
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