Author Topic: What excercises can burn some serious calories?  (Read 4641 times)

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I am currently at 16% bodyfat trying to get down to about 9-11% bodyfat and want to know about some excercises that can burn a lot of calories per hour. Jump roping can burn up to 1000 calories per hour but, doing it for an hour is tough. I am kind of at a platuea and need to do serious workouts to get down in fat. Jogging burns about 150 calories per hour and running up to about 300-500 depending how fast you are running. Let me know!

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The best way to loose weight is do some cardio like running and to watch your diet.  Unless you have good genetics, it's tough to get below 14-16% for most people without making significant changes to their diet.

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I tend to do timed road runs as fast as possible say three or four miles three times a week.

Never found anything better for burning off fat.esp in this heat.

If your're looking for something to do in the gym try doing compound movements like clean and press . Dropping the weights and upping the reps. And halfing your rest periods.

Friend of mine needs to lose a few pounds and he puked after doing three sets of that. ;D

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Danosaur, that is the hardest thing i have ever done in my life. I nearly died.

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so basically, u sprint for 4 min with rest in between?

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jumprope easily for me. Its gets the heart going really fast. by far the hardest cardio to for me.

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Yo.... just work out on a regular bases... cardio and weight.... wanna trim the body fat.... really trim the carbs and dairy!


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I heard a stance on this on talk radio about a month or two ago.

They say this interval training (running hard for 2 or 3 minutes then resting) actually makes your heart stronger than if one were to run 6 miles at a constant pace.

oh and the doctor on the show said start off 30-50 seconds of hard sprinting for your sets and then move up


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