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Dear all,

I am 19 years old, 5 11, 230 pounds, dont know wat my fat index is, but i'm pretty fat. got a pretty severe case of gyne. i understand that surgery is the only cure to getting out the glandular tissue, but i know that as i got fatter during my teen years, the gyne increased( i know fat encourages entrogen). so i have a strong reason to believe that my moobs can look a tiny bit better if i lost some of the fat. and plus i wanna increase my overall stamina and confidene too. moreover, it is suggested that u lose fat before surgery ... although surgery is not an option at the moment, it shall be in the future and weightloss will certainly help then.

was wondering if any of u could gimme a work out plan. cheers.


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I found this site when I just turned 19 as well and spent a year waiting for the NHS to give me surgery for free and while waiting I worked out and came down from 18 stones to 15 in a just a year.

My gyne didnt look any better. My upper chest was toned but the bottom bit just looked worse BUT I think it made everything easier for the surgeon as he knew what he had to remove.

All im saying is go for it, lose weight, see what happens and then next year just go and get surgery done.

In the end I was told NHS cant fund my op so I went private ... I bare'd this in mind so started saving as soon as I joined the gym when I was 19. Used about £2,000 from my Student Loan as well so sacrificed many nights out (which probably wouldnt of been a laugh any way as I was so self conscious about myself) etc etc etc


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Chili, your diet plan is basically along the lines of mine.

Superb aint it ... and the best part is, im so used to it now as I been doin it for a while now. Im not even worried about gaining weight while I heal as obviously I cant go to the gym being post op.

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run run and run, what more can i say.. i wouldnt lift weights until youre under 190

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