Author Topic: working out after operation  (Read 3241 times)

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im 90% sure im going to get the operation, i just have this unhealthy obsession where i have to work out 3-4 times a week and eat like a freak.. i'm only around 10% body fat so its possible my doctor may just suggest an incision rather than lypo aswell, does that mean I will have a shorter recovery time?

also when can i start doing heavy workouts (ie bench press), what is the standard amount of time? can you do other exercise in the mean time (ie. leg press).

thanks in advanced

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anywhere between 2-6 weeks id say depends on how it feels too.

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I wanna know this too.  If I end up getting the surgery, I'm gonna be working out my chest like crazy up until the day before, haha.  Are some chest exercises better to do after the surgery than others?  I do everything from pushups and dips to pullovers and presses.


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