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does anyone have a good workout routine that worked for them to diminsh the apperance of their gyno and also take the focus off of their gyno?

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you can drop body fat and build up muscle... it may make it less obvious to others, but to you it will just be more and more obvious as you start to build your dream body. it can be very frustrating -- it won't go away though without surgery.

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Hey benny
I have decided to jump on this site and put my 2 cents in. Buddy I understand your frustration but my advice here is merely a way of getiing your body in good shape and building your self confidence. The advice is not a cure for gyne. It is going to make you look better all over but you may need to get yourself checked by the doc and maybe get surgery but what is the use in getting surgery to improve your appearance if you are not in shape so please come back to me with what you are currently doing and also what you are eating.
I will also need your weight so I can determine the amount of calories that you need to consume and what foods to eat.
I also need to know what your intentions are to cutt and get a six pack or to bulk up and put some muscle on.


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