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Hey Everyone,

Just though I would post a few suggestion for those of you who do not have time for the whole gym thing.  

I reccomend you get an adjustable slant bench, dumbells, and a a few regular flat weights.

Use the slant bench to do all your sit ups for your abs, a slant bench works 10 times better then any regular crunch or situp.  

Now the dumbells can be used for curls, or with the slant bench.  You would adjust the slant bench to be flat and you can do flys, and presses with the dumbells.  Dumbells are good because it takes more control since there not on the same bar and gives you a good workout.

Last to increase the intensity on the slant bench when doing situps take a flat weight and place it on your chest, you will really feel the burn!  

Lastly RUN, RUN, RUN. I would reccomend running about 20 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week.

I started this routine this year and im hoping it will do me well! Anyone have any other suggestions for @ home workouts? Post them here!
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one of the best pieces of home training equipment is a chinup/dip stand or something that allows similar training such as a door frame chinup bar or olympic rings.  chinups and dips are two of the best upper body exercises both for strength and gaining bulk.  even with full access to a gym dips and chinups should both be a part of most serious strength training programs so they are definitely not something that should be passed up for home training.

dumbells are also good, not because they are better than barbell training (which I personally prefer), but because they offer more options for home training.  One thing I like to do is load my dumbell weights into a regular backpack with towels for padding and then do weighted pushups, dips and chins.  Getting a cheap set of pushup handles can make weighted pushups even more beneficial.  

I've made a lot of gains with this type of setup.  Prior to building my home gym I had taken a long layoff from the gym of nearly 12 months.  When I finally went back I found I had lost strength on most exercises. on bench press for example I had dropped to 225 for 5 reps.  That motivated to build my home gym and after 6 months of training I went back to the gym again and my bench press had improved to 270 pounds for 10 clean reps.  this was with only the use of the before mentioned equipment.

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The circuit I use as well as the gym, although not really a bulk gainer will improve muscular endurance conditioning etc.

It's basic but it gets your heart going so warm-up first.


e.g when I started I did

7 pressups
15 situps
3 pullups

have a minute rest and repeat. Do this three times. When you find that easy increase the reps by say five on each exercise. Try doing this after a run as it is harder.

Note on the last circuit if you try this watch your nose when doing the pressups as it is quite easy to smack it if your arms fail going down ;D
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