Author Topic: Best surgeons for excess skin / moving nipples  (Read 1292 times)

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Hi guys

I had gynecomastia surgery a few years ago.  Fat and gland were removed, but I was left with excess skin that did not retract and now my nipples are a bit lower than they should be.  I would like to have surgery now to correct this.  

I'm looking for a London (or wider UK-based) doctor who specializes in this type of surgery.  

As I'm sure most of you have found out, each surgeon has different specialities and not all surgeons do the same stuff.  For instance, most seem to just focus on fat and gland removal.  Those who do perform surgery on excess skin seem to favour the 'donut' method.  I think I need something different than that, as I don't think the donut will be sufficient.  I suppose I'm looking for anchor, lollipop or T-wise surgery, but I really don't know!  I'm happy for a surgeon to recommend whatever they think is necessary.  

That being said, do any of you know of surgeons that may specialize in this?  I'm having a hard time pinning any down!

Thanks for any info you can provide!


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