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Dr. Karidis, Baaps & Bapras registered

 Been reading other posts on here and it makes me feel confident about going with Dr. Karidis ..nothing beats testimonials and so much experience.

 But from the research ive done on the net, a lot of people say that its important the surgeon is Baaps and or Bapras registered. Is this so important? Its really doing my head in, i dont know what to do .... on the one hand there are surgeons who are Baaps and or Bapras registered but i cant find any testimonials on them which makes me not want to go with them.

 On the other hand Dr. Karidis has loads of testimonials on this forum but he isnt Baaps or Bapras registered. I want to go Karidis because he seems the best from what everyone says on here. Dr Levick seems also popular and is registered but i dont like the idea of him not doing the direct areola insertion for tissue removal ,(really dont want to take any chances with the tissue removal).

 Really dont know which way to go ...Karidis + testimonials or a surgeon Baaps/Bapras registered but with little or no testimonials.

 The only surgeons with a lot of testimonials I have been able to find are Levick and Karidis. Also Karidis seems to have a good media profile appearing on guessing that means he must be amongst the best? Plus i think he did Jody Marsh surgery ..maybe this means he has a strong reputation right,  if "celebrities" use him? Can anyone please help with this dilemma ? Does anyone even understand what Baaps and Bapras is all about ? Is the most important thing GMC? What should i do ...plz help .


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