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Hi all,

Site is great, so nice to hear other guys opinions on a condition that can shatter confidence. I like reading about the surgurys and how the outcome is for all, hopefully my day will come soon.
heres my question,

Does Dr K (or any surgeon even) ever do lipo and excision of gland and then removal of excess skin and make reductions to the nipple size.
Or is that too much at once?
My moobs are quite big and i reckon even if it were all gone the chest skin would be rather saggy, in addition both of my areolas are rather big and one is noticably bigger than the other.
Any chance this can all be solved at once?

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I think in regards to severe gyno, they do that kind of thing. From what I've read surgeons do all sorts when doing breast implants and breast reduction in women to re position the nipple etc, remove excess skin I dont see why it would be different in a guys case. I'm no expert though, lol.

Probably worth dropping him or his team and email, or bite the bullet and go for a consultation dude, is worth the cash to put your mind at rest.

Good luck!


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