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Hi! I'm new tried searching for a 'drugs / pills' thread, but could not find one. (Is there a search bar to search threads)?!

I'm coming to terms as I'm getting older (nearly 50) I have gynecomastia. I'm no expert, but I think from my research it's a lack of testosterone, more oestrogen. I'm not gaining weight at all on my body apart from behind my nipples. I'm slim and healthy (same weight for years), so not fat related. 

My simple question is - in the UK is there a known drug/pill people take to help with this? I'm going round in circles on Google! Can you buy online, over the counter? Or is it a GP visit? Any cheats/tips are welcome! 

I'd like to know - what you guys take, what works, real life options and reviews please. 

Many thanks for your help.


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