Author Topic: Exam 2 days after the op  (Read 1681 times)

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Just found out I have an exam on the 17th march while my op is on the 15th... My op originally was on the 3rd but had to swap dates with zm after I found out I had one that day as well. There's no way that I'm going to cancel the op and the exam is an important one.

Will I be okay? It's only an hour long exam.

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Your gona be fine, especially if it's for an hour.  I'm assuming its multiple choice rather than writing a long winded essay? 

You could use the time in between waiting/travelling and recovering to do some light revision as it will take your mind off the surgery.

Relax, have the surgery, rest and then blitz the exam!

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thats a tough one man. Can you not get out of the exam due to medical reasons? Won't be so much about pain, but just your state of mind at the time, lack of sleep and you may not have had enough time to study. Not trying to put you off, but think about that carefully and consider your options.


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