Author Topic: Gynecomastia? I'm confused!  (Read 2825 times)

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As I previously posted, there are aspects physically that tells me I may have aspects of hermaphroditism and outside of awareness of them, they are starting to manifest themselves even more.
Much of my exterior attributes lead doctors to bring things up all my life, but never investigate the extent. 
Doctors won't move without persuasion in regards to that. I guess they just assume it's not a life risk and therefore doesn't need investigating. 
I hounded my current doctor until he finally agreed to an ultrasound and some blood tests, the findings were astounding and answered many questions. 

I would really push to get some answers for your own peace of mind. 
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Of course, you're quite right about the vaccine debate and it wasn't my intention to start one lol.

Yup, this is the booby forum :-)

My doc is pretty switched on.  If she thinks something needs investigating, she'll do it, although she is a bit of a rarity.  Understandably, many wish to save NHS money and only react if your head's about to fall off.

In these cases you have to push and push hard to overcome their inertia.

My wife was unwell with her asthma and it was bad.  Her doctor told her to come back next week if it wasn't any better she said:

'Just how bad do you want it to get?' Then he did something about it.

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Hi @justagirl

I've not been able to post up for a while as we've had a family bereavement and as you might expect, things have been brisk.

Anyway how are things?

Despite the above bad news, we've had some good too.  I mentioned my stepdaughter was scammed out of the entire house deposit while moving house.  Well, I really thought the bank would baulk at refunding the money, but they came good and refunded the entire amount, so we're all over the moon!

I'm away from home now, stopping with my sister and will expect to be here for some time.  I have my laptop so will post up when I can.

Anyway, keep Smilin'



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