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I have read these forums for the last 12 months, but I have never registered to post pics or anything. I've now come out of my shell because this seems like a very supportive close-knit community, full of sound characters.

I have consulted my GP and he sent me to see a hormone specialist at a local hospital, he basically asked me loads of questions and examined my chest. I have another appointment with him in the next few weeks, if he is satisfied that I have no hormone problems then he said he will refer me back to my GP with the reccomendation of surgery.

I have to go on the NHS because there is no way on earth I can afford to pay for private surgery. I'm just hoping that I can get half decent results. I have suffered long enough!

Now time for the pics. I'm probably at the fattest I've ever been now, which makes them look even worse:

A few years back, I worked hard at the gym doing cardio and weights and lost vast amounts of weight, but when I figured I couldn't get rid of my gyne, I gave in, and have piled on weight since.

My main question I want to ask though is ; Is it worth working hard to lose weight before the OP, will it give better results if I have less excess weight around the chest and waist?. I know I can do it if I put my heart into it. It's just difficult to find many people that understand how badly this 'problem' can effect people, even doctors!

I'm sorry for ranting on, thanks for listening, and any advice as to what type of diet to use to try and lose excess fat would be appreciated. ( I need to do this with my GP , but I'm currently living some distance away from him.
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Congrats on taking the first step. It all gets better from here!

There's a mixed bag of experiences with the NHS. Ranging from very positive (check Daytona's posts) to very negative (every one else's NHS posts!).

It's really a post-code lottery. You're right in saying most GPs underestimate the effects of this problem. Don't be fobbed off by medical professionals if you feel that they don't have a proactive opinion about how to fix your problem.

You might be going around the hurdles for over a year with the NHS before anything might get done.

£3655 might seem like a lot of money, but you'd pay far more for a car. Some people even spend that on their holidays!

Don't discount the private route totally. If you're in employment then get a bank loan.

But go down the NHS route first, and don't forget to give feedback on your experiences here in order to help others.

Best of luck!

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You are a perfect case for gyne surgery of fthe NHS. If they do knock you back, which i doubt very much , you could always try eastern europe and get it done for a fraction of the cost.

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yea loosing weight before surgery to an acceptable level which u can maintain will give u better results.  normally surgeons determine how much they going to remove lookin at yr overrall body weight.

they tend to take out more if yr  a skinny sort of build,  really in order to match things with yr body.

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yea loosing weight before surgery to an acceptable level which u can maintain will give u better results.  normally surgeons determine how much they going to remove lookin at yr overrall body weight.

they tend to take out more if yr  a skinny sort of build,  really in order to match things with yr body.

Thanks for that, I better start losing some weight then, no more kebabs, and a cut-down on lager.

The lager is my main problem to be honest relating to my weight. I only go out twice a week on average, but when I do, I drink in excess of 12 pints. I'm not sure I can make my next consultation with the hormone specialist, so I might go back to my GP and tell him. And see if he can refer me a bit quicker.

Does anyone know how the NHS list works. e.g. If I try to lose weight, and I'm doing so effectively, right up until I get to the front of the list. Could I say, wait 3 more months or 6 more months for example whilst I lose a bit more weight. Then will I be straight to the front of the que, or will they think I'm messing them about?

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most defo lose weight b4 surgery the more the better especially like uk2000 says  but it also outline to the surgeon what is gland and wat is fat and to remove gland which is the inportant bit.

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you will have plenty of time to lose weight mate believe me ;). I have been waiting over  a year for my op and not even been given a date yet. even though funding has been approved for my op. I called the doc and was told it is not a  priority  as it is cosmetic and to be paitient....

apart from you having a better result from weight loss they may well refuse you if your bmi is over25 depending on your postcode. They refused me due to this and i had to lose a shed load of weight before my op was approved. so losing weight will help you get it done.

edit mine is complicated as it is on one side and was medication induced but still it can be a real wait in some cases.

In my experience the GP was really good in general it is funding and the surgeon where I have hit problems.

Good luck

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Try not to miss appointments if you can help it even if u dont think u need them, it helps your case if you go to them all and a ps is as likely to refer back to your endo as your gp.


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