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Hi all,

I recently had Lipo only treatment for my Gyne on the NHS.

The surgeon was fully aware that an incision would be required if the glandular tissue could not all be removed via Lipo. Therefore the NHS does not insist on doing Lipo only.

Furthermore, I found the following which was written by the surgeon who carried out my procedure:

I am sure you will all agree that this makes for highly interesting reading. It seems there is a big difference between regular Lipo and the new found Ultrasonic Lipo which is capable of breaking down glandular tissue.

I hope this helps to reassure people who are worried about getting Lipo only in the NHS.

Despite my current swelling I am 99.9 percent sure I can no longer feel any glandular tissue in my breast area as it was pre-op. I will keep the forum up to date with my progress.

It seems a good way of telling what type of Lipo you have had is by locating the incision points. In my case I have 2 points of entry, one on each side about 4 inches below my nipples and slight more centre. Whereas regular Lipo appears to be done in or around the armpits.

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There has been talk of it now and again

You are the first ive seen getting ultrasonic on the NHS, maybe cambridge are trialing it. But it still leaves the question what about the glandular tissue under the nipple and what about the possibility of re-occurance?
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