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Well, I went back to the Priory for a quick once over with Mr L this morning.

It was more for my own peace of mind really, having had such a turbulent experience a month ago and also to check that the bit of swelling around my right nipple wasn't anything more serious that, if left might cause problems later.

As I suspected, after some prodding, Mr L told me that it was definitely a small build up of fluid that needed to be drained. Before I had time to blink he'd whipped out the biggest needle I've ever seen in my life (I'm terrified of needles btw), attached it to a syringe and popped it into my chest, not, I may hasten to add the nicest thing that I've ever had done ! With some pressing and some teasing and two more pricks with the needle, he managed to extract about 15cc's of old blood left over from my haematoma from the cavity left by the gyne.

Having now had a chance to inspect, everything's looking much better and the two sides look pretty much the same and unless you looked carefully you couldn't really tell the difference. I'll update my photos as soon as my camera battery is charged !

Talking of photos, he gave me my two "before" photos today and god, what a difference !! I've spent so much time over the last few weeks getting used to the way that I look without gyne that I'd completely forgotten how I looked before.......

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Nice one. Get those new pics up!

I think I'll go see him again just before Xmas. There's still an amount of fatty tissue there, especially on the LHS.

Having said that, overall it's a tremendous improvement on the way I was pre-op.

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Irish, Mr Levick explained to me it is much easier to take away a bit more with a micro cannula after 6 months than putting fat back - that's nearly impossible. A 6 month revision on 1 breast is what I am expecting.
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I may need the same, I've still got a small ridge of fat on the left side running from under the nipple to under the armpit. Things are still changing, but this has been a constant throughout the healing process, so I'd be surprised if it goes away of is own at this point. I will be seeing the good doctor again in a couple of months and this will be top of the agenda!
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