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well after a right mess on, me eventually going to see my doctor, him referring me to the wrong surgeon, then the surgeon not rerferring me to the correct one (this took 6 months) I saw the surgeon today,

he said that I had fatty tissue and needed a tissue scan, and then he'd send me to a plastic surgeon (all nhs),

so that will take a month and then I'll need to see the PL, so tell me lads, will the surgeon operate on me?  how long will I have to wait?  whats the procedure?  will I need time off work to recover?

any help would be great, this is a painful time for me, at least I've started going to teh gym and have lost over a stone and some of my 'man breasts', but with my top off I still look bloody awful.

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Alright daveyboy,

I have been messed about by the NHS for nearly two years. >:(

I was in a simlar situation as yourself.  I went to my GP and got onto the NHS waiting list.  The surgeon said that it was most likely a case of gland plus fat.  he insisted on removing the fat first via lipo, and then after six months if the problem was still present, then he would remove the glandular tissue, but this would incur two heavy scars extending from the nipple.  I don't know what kind of Plastic surgeon he claimed to be, but that's not the way to go about it.

Enough was enough.  I decided to seek a professional Plastic Surgeon who knows what he is doing.  I went private and had my gybe removed several weeks ago, and I'm still recovering.  

Every Surgeon's gyne removal procedure is different, but the majority make small incisions by the armpit and remove the fat and gladn through it.  Some make a small incision at the edge of the nipple and remove it that way.  My Surgeon's method was the former.

You will need time off work to recover.  I took at least 10 days.  As for the waiting list.  Your guess is as good as mine.  Some people are lucky enough to have the correct procedure done with minimal waiting.  unfortunately I had neither, so I forked out.  I guess you get what you pay for.

Good luck to you.
all the best :)

Gyne is a t-w-a-t to live with.  I did it for 17 years - god knows why.

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Well I can give you my experience but bear in mind all areas have different budgets and priorities.
Went to GP , he said yes it is gyne and referred me without a problem.

That was the easy part. First he referred me to a general surgeon rather than a PS who said as it was mainly fat and a bit of gland it was'complicated' as he just deals with massive glandular cases. He said I would have a large scar so he said I'll refer you toa PS.

This was six months later saw the PS. She confirmed itwhat the surgeon said. THen the excrement started. I had to see an endo,, even though they knew it was drug induced. And they had taken me off the drug. I then had to see a psychologist. another three months. went back too the PS   who then weighed me , asked her a few questions about gyne. She did not have a clue to be honest. Said 'nipples don't puff with gyne 'was one of her gems. Also said I would be left with scars... I was weighed. Told I was just within the limit. Also told it would be very difficult to get done due to the fatty element.
Anyway six months later it is now august. Heard nothing about health authoritys decision. Called GP he was puzzeled as well decision should have been months ago.. Spoke too him a week ago and told I had been unsuccessful due to weight even though I was in their limits.He is now applying again for me as I have lost weight since then.
That is the procedure I was put through. THat is not to say you will have this trouble as well.My advice if you are even slightly overweight lose it before they weigh you whatever the type of gyne.To be honest I do not know if I will bother as done well with the fitness and I was not overly impressed with the surgeon. She looked like she had eyesight problems as it was.  ;D

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It seems a recurring theme that when dealing with the NHS, you tend to get thrown from one specialist to another, from one department to another, and it gets to the point that there are so many people having been involved at some point that they lose track of who's dealing with you next!
This was so humourously demonstrated when I got an appointment from the PS department to have the op.  The part which made me question the logic of giving me an appointment was that at this point I'd already HAD the op as refered by the breast cancer ward (thankfully it wasn't cancer, just they were the ones to deal with me "first").  Of course, I call them and say it's been done, please allocate the appointment to someone who needs it, etc.
The problem is that gyne will be considered a cosmetic issue by half the NHS, and the other half will treat it as medical, but each will refer to the other until someone picks up the ball! (at least, that was the case for me)
Tell you what though... being sat in the waiting area for plastic surgery is one thing, being THE ONLY MALE sat in the breast-care waiting area and having your name called out is another!

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Jesus   :-[

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Jesus   :-[

:) I just wanted to say that I had  my op on the NHS on 6th Sept  2005, My op was done by Dr PATEL at  the Royal London Hospital. It was a successful story, which   I  am happy with.
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I would reiterate many of the earlier posts on this.  The NHS is great for the life threatening ailments, but gyne is a very grey area for treatment.  As someone has already said you are passed from one consultant to another, neither wanting to pick up the problem.  The cynic in me says it’s all about budgets, but I think the support of your GP is essential.  Interestingly enough my local breast surgeon said ..... “I don’t have the time or resources to operate on gynecomastia; I’m here to fight breast cancer”.

That was quite humbling to hear and for the record, yes I do know what it is like to be the only male called out from the waiting room of the breast clinic.  In fact when I asked where the gents loo was (there was a ladies there), I was told they didn’t have one and I’d have to go up another floor to find there nearest.  It wasn’t the nurse’s fault but I’m afraid she got the blunt reply that men get breast cancer too and a toilet for men might have been a compassionate thought.

I was lucky it wasn’t breast cancer.
Surgery performed by Mr Levick at The Priory Hospital Bimingham (UK) 20th October 2006

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From GP to op was three months for me on the NHS but I  did get messed about when I had the op. I have a pet theory that its in the Consultants interest to delay on some surgery so that demand for private work is kept up.

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It took me seven months from plucking up the courage to see my GP, to having my NHS OP in Septmber this year.

It really is a lottery when you take the NHS route.
Lucky enough for me it was very straightforward from the start, no problems, and I'm chuffed to bits with the results.

Had my six week post op appointment with the PS earlier this week. He confirmed that he removed 300ml from each boob (lipo and gland removal). Thats very nearly a pint altogether. I was stunned!
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