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If you've had surgery for gynaecomastia please help me out.

I'm looking for recommendations. The surgeon can be based in the UK, Poland or any nearby country. 
All I care about are great results and the price. My budget is £3,500 (might be able to stretch it a bit but not much) 
If you had a great experience please reply.
Who did you use? How much did it cost? How long ago did you have the op? And how good are your results?

Thanks so much

ps. I've already contacted a few UK surgeons but almost all their prices are above 5k. 

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This is just my opinion.  My advice, do whatever you can do to save a bit more circa 5K and look up (<a class="underlinelink" href="">Dr. Nurein[/url]) he has a lot of gyno removal experience and comes out cheaper (as he does his work in house) and without any compromise in quality.  He is UK based.

This is not a procedure where you go cheap.  £3.5K is too cheap for the UK only monkeys’ work for peanuts.  If you get it for that price by going abroad if you have any issues it can be difficult to remedy.  There are no shortcuts when it comes to surgery.


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