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Hi all,

I was wondering after reading everybodies comments about their op's and in particular the swelling and scar tissue people mention, what about using ice or anti inflammatory gel to speed up the recovery process ??

It would seem the logical thing to do if you think about it. For example if you were playing sports and you got a knock which swelled up, applying ice and anti inflammatory gel reduces the amount of swelling considerably.

What do people think ??

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I think surgery is a different type of swelling altogether, remember they are cutting away gland under the skin. If it did work i would have thought surgeons would have recommended using by now.
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I was given a couple of ice-packs while in recovery, but I think this was only because I swelled up a bit more than you would expect. They took the edge off the pain, but I doubt they would help that much in the long run.
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