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Apologies as this is a bit of a cross post on the other board but its specific to the NHS so thought its worth putting here.

I just saw my GP, I wasnt worried about it at all even the night before, just thought - well this is a medical condition like any other.

Then this morning spent about 20 minites before the mirror thinking, maybe this is all in my head , its not even that bad if I just lot a bit of weight, perhaps I shouldnt even go as ill only waste their time.

Mostly unconcerned walked along to the doctors, then in the waiting room it suddenly started to hit me a bit, generally kept calm though reading my Dale Carnegie book "How to stop worrying"!

Then when I walked into the gps office suddenly my legs just turned to jelly and my voice was shaking as I tried to tell him about it.

He was very understanding, checked out the family jewels to check there was nothing wrong and immediately referred me to an endocrinologist. He says my body fat is very low to have this problem and I probably have  hormone issues as I have low libido and fatigue as well and the moobs may just go if I get treatment for that, but if not then Ill  see a plastic surgeon.

Im so relieved, Ive been living with this for 15 years, I just cant say what its like to have it out in the open and a doctor who didnt just laugh at me or say I was wasting his and the NHS's  time like I expected.

I dont know where this NHS road will lead but Im so relieved to have made the first step and have someeone else concur that I have a problem.

Its a mixed bag with the NHS but dont discount your GP completely you may be surprised.

Best of luck to everyone.


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