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Hey Everyone,

I have mild Gyne i believe, had it quite bad during early teens well into twenties and had all the teasing that comes with it and i'm quite self consious and find it awkward swimming etc even though it's mildish now...... mainly the 'puffy' nipple that causes so much distress, the area round it is 'developed' but that may be by doing press ups etc, so i'm not going to guess.... when the nipple is puffy it just makes me feel out of shape.  I'm not overweight and physically in decent shape as i run/play football etc.

Anyway, even though it costs a fortune i'm a little fed up of it now so.....i'm going to get a hormone test done initially as a BUPA doctor said i should start there... the NHS said no though (grr) i know it's mild but the guy was just unsympathetic! anyway i'll get that done private.  The surgeons who get mentioned, Karidis and Levick, seem to have good reputations so i'm considering getting a consultation with them as the nipples do stick out and i can't tell if it's gland, fat (though i exercise enough, so hopefully not that) or breast tissue so time i sorted it!  Where are these two surgeons based at? .....

It's an awful lot of money but i'm kinda fed up  these days!...



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Karadis is London, Levick Birmingham, but be prepared to pay for a consulation.  If you are thinking of going ahead with surgery have you considered surgeons in Europe - you can get the consultation here (London) and then the surgery in Spain, Poland, Czech Republic for 1/4 - 1/2 the price of UK. Believe me the standards are no worse than UK.

Do a search on here and you will find many many posts on each - I would personally try a different GP for the hormone test referral though as the last one sounds quite unhelpful.


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