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Hi all,

Well...... here I am...... post surgery......and with a bit of a tale to tell......

As some of you may know, I opted for the NHS route - Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester. Its not the classiest hospital! But I had faith in my surgeon and was grateful not to be paying.

Surgery went ahead as planned last Saturday. It was great as the hospital was quiet - the surgeon even said to me "I love Saturdays as I have hardly any patients and can concentrate on the surgeries I do have".... this was great and so I breathed into the mask and fell asleep.....

Waking up, I was groggy - but had no drains - no bleeding  and hardly any soreness.... I was home the same day wrapped in bandages and my compression vest feeling very happy.....even through the bandages, the contours of my chest felt fantastic

This is where the story takes a turn. Picture the following day, my Mum has left me for the afternoon (I am staying at hers to recoup)....and am becoming increasingly bored with telly and all my friends being at work. I decide to write my note to you guys which involves gong upstairs into the loft to use the PC. Now, we have loft ladders at home which I have been climbing for over 20 years, I think nothing of it...

On this particular occasion, my head pokes through the gap to the loft as I reach the last couple of steps...but then.... THE STAIRS BUCKLE AND BREAK BENEATH ME AND I FALL 12-15FT TO THE GROUND.


Feel free to curse me for being a stupid idiot - it was ridiculous to even attempt to climb loft ladders one day after surgery - but the morphine and tablets had hold of me!! I think I must have still been a little delirious.

Anyways, the long and short of it is that I have broken my foot.... in 3 places!!! My chest is unscathed and I have been VERY lucky not to do any damage....

I have just been to the hospital to have my bandages taken off my chest and seriously, I could not have dreamed of a better result... I am typing to you with a slim v neck t shirt on and my body looks great, I can't believe it... there's still some bruising, but hopefully I should be able to post my pics in the next fortnight.

The motto of this story is REST UP AFTER SURGERY... it can be very frustrating and boring, but believe me, a broken foot is not worth the agro!!!

Signing out - a Mummified - yet VERY happy - NEWMAN!!!


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 Bright side - you have a first-class excuse for being out of action for the next few weeks.

 Puts the gyne situation into perspective if you can describe yourself, after a serious accident and a broken foot, "very happy"! Glad to hear it went well, happy recovery.

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Glad your sugery went well, but with regards to your 'monkey business'....well, best not say too much!  :D Hope your recovery goes smoothly and don't forget the pics.  ;) Have you got any from pre surgery?  ???
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LOL atleast you got a really good excuse to take a few weeks of university or work etc ..

Good luck with the recovery, and welcome to the 'other' side.

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I should be giving you sympathy but i found myself giggling (i know is wrong but i couldnt help it) :D

what brad said says it all really! glad your happy. keep us informed of how the recovery goes.

and...... REST UP!!!111 :p

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Jesus, mate. That's some luck. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. Anyway, glad the op went well and good luck with the recovery.
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Gosh - ive never heard anything like that before. Glad youre ok apart from the ankle, think about what itll be like to walk around when it mends wearing nice fitted tops.

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great your surgery went well, do you know how they did it? you hear so much about the barbaric NHS method of cutting off the nipples and then replacing them and little about success stories.

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Thanks for the comments guys - sorry for the delay, I haven't even had a computer to lay on whilst nursing this foot!! :(

I should be back online properly next week so will DEFINITELY be posting pics of he new me then... can't wait to show you all - I am SOOOO chuffed with the results... my chest is smooth and in proportion with the rest of me... no creams needed and scars are virtually invisible now that hair is growing back....

More to come soon, thanks for your kind words and hope to hear some more positive stories soon....

I really am a NEW MAN now!!

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haha great story, if unfortunate. glad the surgery went well for you though and gd luck healing the foot!

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cant wait to see the pics mate, I'm quite anxious about surgery on the NHS!!

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Well, I'm now about 6 weeks post surgery and feeling SOOOOO happy still..... I really feel for the people that have complications, I seem to have been one lucky bastard (well apart from breaking my foot of course!!) drains or swelling.... my chest was a bit yellow and bruised for a while and my left nipple is slightly scarred, but I think that once I get a tan you won't even be able to notice..... this is me now, more pics to come but this at least gives you a glance of how things look.....

Comments welcome!!



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