Author Topic: Anyone in the military had gynecomastia?  (Read 2190 times)

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Hey everyone, has anyone had gynecomastia surgery performed while being active duty Air Force? Reason I'm asking is because I'll be going away on vacation for two weeks and was thinking about having it performed the first days there. Did you to go through your PCM first? Is this something that I will have to notify my PCM?

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I served 8 years in the Air Force and I had Gynecomastia. I still have it.  My time in the Air Force was 1955 through 1963 and surgery was not a good option back then like it is now.   I was a Medic and if it had been available then, I would have known about it. 
Back then the military services did not have medical coverage like they do now, virtually every base back then had a hospital and clinic.  The busiest department in a military Hospital was usually the OB unit with the pediatric clinic running a close second. Dependent care was the major activity. 
Anyhow times have changed and yes, if you are considering surgery, you need to let your primary care provider know in advance.  If you do it right, your medical coverage might even pay the bill. 
While I served a very long time ago, one of my sons recently retired from the Army and I have Grandchildren in all the services.  I am also active in  the American Legion so I stay up to date on such things. 
Grandpa Dan


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I'm also a veteran, 11 years between Navy active and Army Reserves! I also get my medical care at the local VA hospital (Minneapolis). I've also read here on the forum of active duty personnel getting their surgery covered due to it interfering with the use of the bullet proof vest or other equipment. After you get out the VA will not help with it! However, my primary care doctor offered to go to make an argument for my case due to my size, but I decided because I figured that I would look worse than I did before the surgery because I doubt that they would have experienced plastic surgeons doing the surgery!

Thank you for your service!

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Not active duty member, but a dependent would need to get a referral from PCM or specialty care Dr. and then have it approved by Tricare. I would like to know if there are any doctors out there that would accept tricare insurance for gynecomastia surgery? 


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