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Why aren't they listed on It is the Board Certified Surgeons that list on this site that allow this site to be open and free for everyone to use. Site, hosting, support and banwith are not free.

These doctors like getting the advertising for free, but they don't give back. Be sure to check out the doctors that support the site. They do lots of surgeries and are some of the best and most experienced in the World.

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Hi Merle, I wanted to ask if you ever have a problem with doctors themselves or their staffs coming onto the site and responding to inquiries - especially in the U.S. find a surgeon section?  I've found some of the replies to queries to be almost ad-like.  Do you know if there might be any verifiably non-biased ways to find a gynecomastia surgeon doctor with an impeccable record?  Thanks very much.


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