Author Topic: Cosmetic surgeon vs. Plastic surgeon  (Read 8337 times)

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looks pretty good to me.  rule one though is that especially if it suddenly starts swelling, you're not allowed to freak out for at least one to three months  ;)
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lol I hope it doesn't swell up.. my stitches come out tomorrow at 10..
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Looking pretty good man.

P.S. your posts are pretty funny. Here's to "chariots of fire" this summer lol!

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Cosmetic Surgeons is a term generally referred to by NON BOARD CERTIFIED doctors, who as others have pointed out basically take these crash courses on their ipads and can perform minimally invasive surgeries such as liposuction, but they cannot perform more advanced surgeries because (1) they never went to med school for it and (2) aren't board certified.

Now we all know that just because a surgeon is board certified does not qualify him to be a good surgeon, but just that at de minimus he's had training in this specific field of medicine.  A picture is worth 1000x more than words, see the before/after photos of the surgeon and only in the SPECIFIC surgery you're looking to get (ie, DON'T goto a breast reduction surgeon who works primarily on women because you have gyno under the assumption that a chest is a chestand he is qualified to perform gyno surgery).  The surgeon has to (1) be specialized in this specific part of the body and on your gender and (2) should have gone to medical school and be board certified in plastics.



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