Author Topic: Creases under nipples after gyno removal  (Read 1863 times)

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Hi so I just recently got gyno removed on April 13th 2021 , 6 weeks post surgery and it looks good but now I’m left with creases under both nipples. The doctor said it will go away. I haven’t seen any improvement or signs of them going away. What are your thoughts and is it too early to judge? 

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I had surgery 4 months ago and I have creases that have come and gone. I'm not bothered because a crease means there's less boobage under the skin.  If you no longer have mountains on your chest, be happy. My PS didn't suck enough fat out of my chest and now i have to decide whether I can endure another procedure or just live with it. 6 weeks seems like a long time but if I look back, I was still pretty fragile at that point. Things still needed to settle more. 


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