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Dallas, Texas.  I am 53 and ready to consider surgery. I do not want to lose the sexual stimulation that my nipples provide. Do you lose sensation after the proceedure? Who are the best Dallas-area surgeons to perform this proceedure? How much should I expect to pay? What is the recovery period?

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I imagine it is possible to lose some nipple sensitivity during a gyne procedure. However, if done correctly I don't think you'll lose much if any sensitivity. I can tell you I didn't lose any. Or if I did, it isn't anything noticeable. I had Dr Landon Perry perform my surgery. He is located at the Presbyterian Hospital off Parker and the Tollway. I'd highly recommend him. Procedure may cost more or less what I paid depending on the severity of your condition and what he needs to do to correct it. I paid $3600 for my procedure plus $1100 for a revision. He did a great job the first go around but I felt more could be done. He only did ultra lipo the first surgery and no excision. He thought that would be sufficient with my mild case. I opted for gland excision the second time and I am beyond happy now. I only wish I had insisted on lipo and excision the first go around. Nonetheless, I think he is great. I consulted with 5 local PS before going with him. He is a very caring PS and knows his stuff. Here are a few links for him

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