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I really liked Dr. Turowski when I had my consultation with him, so I decided to go with him as my ps. Has anyone else picked him as their ps?

My pre-op is Thursday, and my surgery is two Friday's away. (If you were wondering, this isnt last minute.  My consultation was with him in March.  I also met with Dr. Pensler in March.  I made my decision this summer.)


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Apparently no one else has used him...

I had my surgery two Fridays ago and everything looks phenomenal.  I had very little swelling and bruising.  Dr. Turowski and his nurses are fantastic.  They check on me regularly to make sure everything is okay.

I highly recommend checking out Dr. Turowski in Skokie, IL.

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any update on this?....price? did he do lipo or excision? how did it turn out?


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