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Well I've been a member on here for a long time. I've struggled through so much over the years and have spent countless amounts of money. It took 2 full surgeries and another 3 minor ones but finally I am pretty comfortable with my chest. It's so nice looking in the mirror and not wanting to commit suicide. That last dr. I went to was the one that really made the difference I had so much fat surrounding the sides of my chest and he was absolutely fantastic. I'd seen at least 3 other surgeons prior to this guy and hands down this guy was the best at least for lipo. His technique was great and the results really are amazing.

I will always retain the emotional scars and some resentment from suffing with this problem for 13 years, and there are still times when I feel like maybe there's more fat I can get out of my chest, especially when I lean over, but honestly overall it feels great to wear tight t-shirts and even take my shirt off in front of other people w/out being humiliated.

If anyone wants to go to a great plastic surgeon in the NJ area I high recommend Dr. Berlet. Here's his website. His staff is very nice, his pricing is reasonable, but not cheap mind you, BUT more than anything else he's a nice guy and is very skilled. I plan to go back to him to maybe have some lipo done around my midsection and lower back later on I think with his skill once again I'll get good results.

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Gratz on your surgery.  Out of curiousity how much $$ did you have to put up for all your procedures?

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everything combined I spent in the 20k area. Makes me sick to think about it but not nearly as sick as not being able to wear a t-shirt.

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everything combined I spent in the 20k area. Makes me sick to think about it but not nearly as sick as not being able to wear a t-shirt.

Exactly. Don't think about the money, because getting rid of it is absolutely PRICELESS. Congrats to you for sticking through all the surgeries and having the courage. *thumbs up*
Triple Surgery done in Chandigarh, India (Jan 10, 2008):
1. Gynecomastia Surgery (simultaneously with #2)
2. Tonsillectomy
3. Septoplasty (5 days after #1 and 2)

3 lifelong problems wiped out in a flash of knives... Now recovering and excited beyond belief. :)

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That doc doesnt even list gyno on his site nor has any pics.  Glad all went well, im gettin ready to drop about the same amount of cash but doing to things at once.  I bet the way you feel now you cat put a price on.  BTW do you know how much the surgery cost?

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I would never have used this doctor. He does not have a single male on his website and says nothing about working on men with gynecomastia. I am guessing from your post, he just did lipo to remove the last of the fat. 

I am really glad that it worked out for you.

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