Author Topic: High Quality Texas Surgeons?  (Read 3194 times)

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Are there any high quality Texas surgeons out there?  Low price is certainly a consideration, but this is important to me so I want quality and a guy with lots of experience.

One other thing, I have to insist on a surgeon that uses drains.  I know some surgeons have their reasons why they don't prefer them, but I've read some info out there and I want drains.  Any surgeon in Texas that is of high-quality and experienced with this?  ???

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Not only that but he does not do Nipple reduction surgery, which sucks because after the you get the surgery, some people still need to get the nipples reduced. i understand that they go down to a certain extent, but not enough for my taste without nipple reduction surgery :-[
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"Flexappeal" recommended his texas surgeon, Landon Perry. In fact I have a consult with Dr. Perry this friday, and one other Dallas Surgeon, Robert Schwartz.

I do believe in a state the size of texas there are probably several excellent gyne surgeons. They just have not been discovered on this site yet.


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