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Any great surgeons in L.I.? Preferably mid island...

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Huntington/Greenlawn,  NY/LI

Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz

EXCELLENT job, a great guy, post surgery really seemed like he cared, called the house like he was my friend, and he even offered to stitch me up or anyone else in my family if we ever had an emergency, rather than go to the emergency room.  Kind of unnecessary info for some people, but i think he was overall great, not just as a surgeon

also-he performed the surgery on his son months before mine, so he has a more first hand look on how people feel,  he doesnt just perform the surgery because hes paid.
Surgery: February 18th, 2005
Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz
Type: Gland only

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Great :)
Thanks, I was givin up hope... What's his cost by the way? And did he tell you how many procedures he has done? Sorry to ask, but it's hard to find a decent doc on LI. Thanks agian.

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I think Dr. Elliot Jacobs is in NYC. I heard he's good.
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