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Hey everyone,

im new to this website, Ive been struggling with gynecomastia since about 12-13 y.o.  I was hefty as a kid and eventually grew out of most my baby weight with the exception of my chest.  I guess pretty standard stuff, embarrased to take shirt off or wear a tank top or snug fitting shirts.    I am of athletic build so I can hide them pretty well under a shirt.  Recently ive been doing things that Ive always wanted to do and this is next on my list.  Ive started my research and came across this site.  My big question is trying to find a good doctor.  I actually came across Dr Parsons website and have a consult with him in a couple weeks.  Ive been reading everyone talking about angelchick too.  Is there anyone out there that can give me any info or experiences with Parsons.  Ive read good reviews on angelchick. 


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There is one in the Find a Surgeons Database on the front page of the site.


Demystifying Gynecomastia: Men with Breasts
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