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Hello everyone,

This is my first post of the forums, and I am pleased to have found this quite informative website.  A bit about myself:

37 years old
5'8"; 155 lbs at 12-15% body fat
Medical Problems: GERD/Acid Reflux
Medications: Prilosec 20 mg once a day; Fish Oils, and Vit D


Back in 2007, I decided to make a few major lifestyle modifications (diet and exercise); I was weighing in at 190 lbs and majorly overweight for my height.  Within a 1 year times span I went from 190 all the way down to 155 and have since maintained my weight at 155.  Of course, I  had definite man boobs at 190, but I was more than sure that my chest would look nice and sculptured once I trimmed down to a nice body weight.
     What I unfortunately discovered upon losing weight and toning up in the gym is that I have a mild case of gynecomastia.  Specifically, it seems to be worse on the left versus the right side.  It has become obvious to me that no matter how much weight I lose, the gyne issue is not going to get any better.  So I have decided to pursue surgical intervention. 

I have done searches on the forums for Texas surgeons and have found a few.  However, some of these posts are from a few years back.

Can anyone tell me of any plastic surgeons in the state of Texas who they specifically know have yielded good results and are happy with?  Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio are the cities I am interested in.  I live in a small city closest to DFW than any of the other cities listed, so my preference would be for the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Names that I have come across on the forums are Drs: Hamas, Dr. Wilcox, Anigian, Mason.

Thank you all very much,

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Hello, nice to meet you. I, like you lost a lot of weight thinking my gynecomastia would diminish, how foolish.
As far as Doctor's go I found these two listed as certified plastic surgeons that deal with gynecomastia.

Dr. Dr. Wilcox (Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center), Plano   
Robert S. Hamas, M.D. (Your Looks), Dallas   


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    • Orlando Plastic Surgery Center
Talk to Dr. Greg Anigian in Dallas.  I trained with him many years ago - he's a great guy and great surgeon. 

Dr. Pope, MD
George H Pope, MD, FACS
Certified - American Board of Plastic Surgery
Orlando Plastic Surgery Center
Phone: 407-857-6261

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Greg Anigian does not appear to be a gynecomastia specalist.  He has only a tiny, hard to find drop down with no photos of before and after.  This guy does fillers, all the high profit things that dermatologists do. Check his site out.

Dr. Pope should be referring us to specialists, not friends. I work in the medical field and so often we get referred to just that.


Still looking wih $$ in my pocket; LOL.  Will pull the trigger in May.


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