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First post!

I'm doing my due diligence and digging into reviews both here and on various other sites the google machine throws my way.

One pattern I'm seeing is that reputations change over time in some cases, so I'm looking for recent reviews of S. Florida surgeons in the Tampa, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Naples area, as well as midstate (Orlando) and on the East coast (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca, etc.).

Naturally, the empty can rattles the most, but without calling anyone out specifically, I'm interested in reviews in the past 6-10 months of the premier gyno surgeons, regulars here on the board or not, as well as any perhaps not previously mentioned. (I know, tough request, but I'm hoping this thread might serve someone else in the future.

[In particular, I'm concerned about seeing some alarmingly negative recent reviews contrary to the bulk of the previous reviews that date back over a decade.]

Dr. Pope and Dr. Jacobs, for instance, are often mentioned here, but I've not seen mention, for example, of Dr. Schneider (in Fort Myers).   

Maybe there's a diamond in the rough I'm missing, as well.  




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