Author Topic: Recommended doctor in Milwaukee, WI or nearby?  (Read 2563 times)

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i recently have come to realize that i might have a real problem with my chest. at first i thought it was fat, but after losing weight, it still remains. this problem started when i was 13, and i was told it would go away with time. it's pretty mild, and is more of the puffy nipple variety.

sorry, this might not be the place to discuss that, but i just wanted to say it.

can anyone recommend a good doctor for this procedure in the milwaukee area or within 20 miles of milwaukee? i'm pretty nervous about this whole thing, but i want to look into it. any help would be great.


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did you ever have the operation done on the nipples? I too am looking for a doctor in the milwaukee area to do surgery on my puffy nipples. any feedback would be great! Thanks


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