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Can anyone share there story on how long steriod injections take to work? I had them done 4 days ago but are yet to see any improvement in the size of the scar tissue.


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Triamcinolone (Trade name Kenalog) is a steroid commonly used to improve scar appearance.  When injected into a scar, it tends to flatten a raised scar and improve a painful scar.  But a flat, wide scar cannot be helped.  Internal scar tissue following gynecomatia surgery can also shrink when injected with a steroid.  But it usually takes several weeks to see a result.  So be patient.  I see patients I've injected back in a month.  Some will need more than one injection - maybe 2 or 3 to completely resolve the problem.  Sometimes the steroid doesn't help and the scar tissue has to be surgically excised.  That is a quick procedure performed in the office under local anesthesia.
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