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Hey, just a heads up to all you N.W. guy's looking for a seattle area surgeon. Had a  great experiance with Dr. Egrari in Bellevue. This place is dialed to the nines. Price around 5 grand. I believe it was $75 for a consutation and 1g down at the time you make your surgery appt. all this goes to your surgery bill. And they can get you in quick for a surgery do to the simplicity and the small  amount of time involved with this procedure. Anyways great staff no fake crap like I got from other surgeons in the area. There anethesioligist were great they had me out whithin 3 minutes of hittin the gurny. No nausea waking up I actually felt like I could do just about anything(not that I would). So my props to these folks and check him out if you are looking around in rain country. teets

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thanks so much teets. i am in the seattle area as well and was looking into the most affordable & skilled doctors around here. i will look into Dr. Egrari. would you be able to show any before/after pics or what it's looking like so far? thanks.

also, how much did the op cost?


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