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hey everyone. I currently live in CO, but I'm from northern CA. right now my plans are to go with Delgado, since everyone gives him great reviews and I don't think I've heard a single bad thing about him. I'm just curious if anyone knows of a comparable surgeon in Colorado? Also it seems as though Delgado is the most expensive surgeon. It's worth it if there won't be a need for a revision surgery, but if there's someone as good in CO, and cheaper, I'm open to suggestions.   If you have an opinion or experience with Delgado, please share here so I can set up a consult in a month. Thanks, god I can't wait to get this done.

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NorCALSpeed - I posted a few thoughts about Delgado on your Revision thread:,10491.0.html

The bottom line is that I had a great experience with him. No revision will be necessary. The cost was difficult to bear going in but now it is done I feel I made a good investment by going with him as he gave me what I wanted.

Good luck!


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