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Hey everyone,

I've been trolling around this website for a quite a while, trying to get the courage (from the stories I've read) to deal with my gyne, and I'm happy to say that I've already visited 3 plastic surgeons in the Minneapolis area for a consultation.  I had a consultation with Dr. Michael Smith yesterday morning, and he made me an offer that is very enticing, but I am afraid that if I'm not careful, I may end up getting a poor result from the surgery.  I would appreciate the advice of people who have had both good and bad experiences with this surgery!
Dr. Smith has approx. 25 years of experience and said he had a lot of experience with breast contouring (especially for females) but that he does an average of 1 gyne surgery per month.  He was very professional in the consultation, giving me measurements of how much fat he would remove (and gland) and the specifics of the procedure.  He also showed me his in-house operating room, and said hes been working with his nurses for over 15 years.  He kept saying that this type of surgery is really nice and he gets great results from his patients, but he diddn't offer any sort of revision should there be a mistake (then again, I didn't ask). 
The "best" part was that he has an open date for surgery on Oct. 22nd and no patients, so offered lipo + excision surgery for $2999.  Considering the other quotations I've gotten were between 5-6k, and that I am a college student who is already in debt, this seems perfect, but also too good to be true. 

My question is this: how do I ensure that he is the right surgeon?  He seemed very professional, and I was quite impressed with how he described the specifics of the surgery and what I should expect after the surgery (a "boring" and normal-looking chest), but I couldn't quite shake the feeling that he was trying to "sell" me the surgery (especially about getting it done on that date).  Then again, I can't afford such an expensive surgery, and I really want to get rid of this as soon as possible. 

Here are the pictures on his website of his gyne surgery results:

What should I do?  I need to talk to my parents about it (but thats another issue) and I feel like sitting on my hands might mean I miss the surgery date!
All help/advice is truly appreciated; thanks to everyone for your time!


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