Author Topic: Who are the best surgeons in Southern California?  (Read 3405 times)

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I live in San Diego but would be willing to go anywhere in So Cal to get the best surgeon.  I'd like someone who could not only remove the fat but do it in such a way that could potentially shape my chest.  I do workout and have pecs underneath the fat.

I'm also considering doing under my chin and stomach.

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dr. tietelbaum in
Dr. Sanders in L.A.--818.981.3333--www.Dr.
both doctors have been recommended on this site by satisfied cusdtomers for some time now.
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I don't buy into that. I looked into that guy. He said he only handled about 8-10 of these on an annual basis and he wanted 6,500. There is better and for a more reasonable cost. Dr. and

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Woah, that's the first time I've seen an admin here in a long time! A new one too!
Please, Jesus, make my gyne go away!

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Thats true, Nobody has posted any before and after pics of teitelbaum (sp?) and sanders work dosent look so hot.


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