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  I just found this site a week ago and Ive just really taken a liking to it. Ever since I was 14 and developed my gyne I never knew anyone else who had it. I just thought it was extra fat that i had to work off. Ive always had somewhat of an athletic build. I played a bunch of sports in high school and never had any weight problems so my chest always sort of confused me. It reallly surprised me reading about other peoples experiences with this condition such as the problem that come along with it in places like high school. I haaated gym class when we had to change and take our shirts off, and even more in football when all the guys would be walkin around the locker room shirtless. BUT the worst was shirts and skins in basketball, where coincidentally I got my first hurtful remarks about my chest from the upper classmen when i was just a freshman. People still ask me why i never went to pool parties or the beach back in high far as they know i hate the beach and dont like swimming (both false). After years of developing wways in highschool to hide my chest such as baggy shirts, always wearing wife beaters, and putting on extra layers,even during the summer, i decided to fix it once i was in college. I spent the first 2 years of college working out. And when i say working out, i mean the whole deal...gym everyday, protein, and even preworkout supplements. I gained alot of muscle and lost alot of fat in different places, but the chest was still the same.  i still had some breasts and puffy nipples. This past summer I typed my symptoms into google and ran across the word gynecomastia and after alot of thought I told my mom. it was really hard for me, and even teared up alil in the process which i think really hit her hard since shes never seen me emotional and she immediately made the appointment to see our family doctor. She told my dad...which I wasnt planning on doing for a while but he seemed to really understand (something i never expected) and he said if it was bothering me that much then we'll fix it. So in the time frame of maybe 2 weeks after that I saw our family doctor, an endocrinologist, got a mamogram (yea that was embarassing), saw a general surgeon, and then finally a plastic surgeon. my parents went to all of these with me and were soo supportive and they really liked the plastic surgeon we went to and set the date for my surgery. Since I couldnt fit it in before I went back to college, we made it for the day after finals. So Im going to go under the knife a week before christmas, and itll make for the best christmas ever. I cant wait to be able to just put on a white tee shirt and feel comfortable...its really hard to imagine.   But I just saw since alot of people were tellin their stories, Id do the same.....and its just a real good feeling to know your not alone when it comes to this condition. UNDER 3 MONTHS AND ILL BE A NEW MAN


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you made a good decision. My Best Wishes.
if you can't accept yourself, you're just living to die soon


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