Author Topic: Booked my consultation after years of hating my chest.  (Read 3350 times)

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Hello guys. Firstly just wanted to say reading all your posts has had a positive effect on how I feel about making this change. Like all you guys, this has basically affected me since I was a teen. I've always known my chest and nipples were bigger than my friends. Beaches were my worst nightmare, I would constantly wear hoodies, baggy t shirts etc. I used to wonder what it would feel like to have a flat chest, I never actually knew there was such a thing as Gynecomastia. It affected me so much that while travelling around the world for 6 months last year, I never felt truly comfortable. I had a life changing time but I know if I was comfortable about my body, it would of been even better. Its funny that the majority of men take it for granted being able to go topless on a beach or wear a tight white t shirt.

So a few months ago I started researching about it and found out that I wasn't alone living with this. I finally said to myself "enough is enough" and told my family about the thing that I've kept a secret for 15 odd years. Im pleased to say that I've also told close friends and they are incredibly supportive.

Today I phoned a clinic in South London that I've heard good reviews about. Im booked in for my consultation next Wednesday. I don't need to tell you guys how relieved I feel that I don't have to carry on living my life, waking up in the morning and worrying about what I'm going to wear.

So here's a pic I took today. I used to be a bit bigger than I am now in my early twenties. I told myself I'm going to get in good shape and try to get my body fat down to a reasonable level. Granted, my nipples are erect in this picture so you can't see the puffiness but you can see the excess fat thats sitting on top of my pec and behind my nipples.

Thanks for reading. I had to resize the photo down to 128kb so apologises for the small, blurry picture.


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