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So I am trying to get an appointment with the endocrinologist so I can figure out what is wrong and address the hormone imbalances.
It should have been an extremely simple & quick process - but the endocrinologist doctor office can not even get their act straight!
I first tried calling them to schedule an appointment but they said that they need a doctor referral/order so I can be seen.
Next I scheduled an appointment with my PCP to get said referral- and I also got some blood test done.
And after I got the referral, I tried calling the office to schedule- and had to call multiple times cause the line just kept disconnecting
and when I finally reached the front desk to schedule, they said that they haven't received the doctor referral order....
So I had to call my PCP again and get the referral.... and I faxed it to the endocrinologist office directly 2 or 3 times.
When I called to confirm, they said "Oh our fax machine has been having issues"......
So I had to fax them the referral order again....
When I called to finally schedule an appointment, the front desk tells me "Oh we need your doctors notes and also most recent bloodwork."

And I know in all likelihood- after the massive headache just to schedule an appointment, it will be an additional several weeks now before I
can get seen! This isn't Canada - what in the world is wrong with these people? 

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Right there with you
PCP will not refer even with low T labs and a set of breasts 

Going to urologist to complain re a few post op TURP symptoms ( very minor) just to get an endocrinologist referral 

That appt took 2 1/2 months to get and it’ll be an unknown time for the endo referral Hmmmmm

Gotta love Medicare.  Yuk
Regards, Bob

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I'm shaking my head reading this.

Over here, we use this radical new thing called email. I'm not even sure that faxes even exist anymore, lol! 

There's generally two ways to get an appointment with a specialist. One, go and see your GP (General Practitioner, what we call our doctors), get him to write and print out a referral, make the appointment with the specialist and hand the referral to him when you arrive. Two, the GP will send the referral directly to the specialist and their receptionist will contact you to arrange a time to see him. Too easy!


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One thing I love about specialists is they make you wait 6 weeks to get an appointment then see you. Spend 10 min with you and schedule a follow up 16 years later and that’s if they don’t double schedule a tee time that day and have to reschedule. Just to have you do blood tests and tell you it came back idiopathic. With all due respect 
To specialists…they are just “special”. 

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Got in to see Endo, new labs drawn… more detailed than Urologist’s

Prolactin level elevated 3 ng/dl over normal

FSH is elevated 5 x over normal
LH is elevated 9 x over normal

But estradiol is at upper level of normal
E/T ratio is 16.9 ( using the last T value

A fractionated T level is still pending
Will recalculate E/T ratio when it is reported

Testicular US shows some abnormalities with no definitive Dx

Awaiting a callback from Endocrinologist

So,no explanation as to why I have large breasts yet
And the mystery continues …

At least the have progressed to an odd sensation rather than pain for last 8 months 

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Read the articles with interest
Thank you for the referral
I agree that there is a large overlap of symptoms  and signs
None of the Symptoms of this showed up until recently and I am soon to be 72. The fertility aspect of this differential Dx is irrelevant and not useful as I have had a vasectomy in my early 20 s
Hair loss became noticeable 2 years ago, upper body strength reduced about a year ago .

Gynecomastia first noticed as puffy nipples a year ago
Breast growth showed up last fall and progressed quickly until the end of May
It has slowed since then and is no longer  painful  but it     is               an “ awareness “ now that there’s some activity in them
I am left with a noticeable bounce on stairs and while exercising and recently annoying right breast tenderness while driving from the seatbelt
Is it KS ? Possibly
Is it MEN 1 or 2 ? Could be more likely
Or simple hypogonadism?

Jury is out still but have piqued the Endocrinologist’s curiosity

Hoping that there is no osteoporosis or CA diagnosis as I am still under cancer surveillance for colon lesion 4.5 years ago

US yields no definite answer but last impression remark stated that ‘ no measurable lesions  are found but neoplasm formation cannot be ruled out’

I have been through this before
Waiting is difficult and healthcare has slowed up since then due to Uncle Sam involvement and Covid

I remain a positive person despite the event horizon. Happy me.



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