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Part 1

I had my surgery done by Dr Naveen Rao, Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta road Bangalore. I had met couple of surgeons before meeting him, whom I would not like to name. The reason why I chose Dr Naveen Rao is that more than a plastic surgeon, he is an expert in Gynecomastia. This is something that I would urge readers to understand. Any plastic surgeon can do a Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery, but if he is an expert at it, it would be even better.  The main reason is that, a lot of people (one third, I am made to understand) who have undergone the surgery go for revisions due to ‘crater deformity’.  After doing a bit of research on the subject and doctors, I came to know that people consult Dr Naveen Rao for revisions. And also a bit of research on the net told me that he is well informed and knowledgeable when it comes to Gynecomastia.

I tried to meet him on a Monday, but he was in an emergency OT and could not meet him that day. However I called him on his phone and he asked me to come on Saturday. If you are planning to meet him, I would suggest you meet him on Saturday, preferably in the morning.

If you have been to Apollo, he sits in the yellow building next to the main building. The reviews about him in forums tells you that a lot of people who have met him, say that he is straight forward and very matter of fact. But anyways, I met him and he seemed nice. If you are expecting to meet the usual run of the mill kind of doctor, be prepared to be surprised  ;D . He’s got this stoic, gaunt face with stubbles and looks like an artist.

He asked me to take my shirt off and he did some basic checks on me. He told me that I have grade 2 Gynecomastia and it can be corrected by surgery. He said that there are 3 things that you need to understand regarding this surgery.

   There is always the risk of ‘crater deformity’
   There will be a scar on the lower part of the Areola, which will vanish over a period of time
   You have to wear a compression vest for 1.5 – 2 months.

Regarding crater deformity, doctor said that while performing the surgery, it is important to leave 10% of the gland, otherwise you will be inviting the chances of crater deformity.

So this is where the next step is important, which is to do a hormonal analysis and other blood tests. The thing with leaving 10% gland is that, it may grow back, if the root cause is not identified. There could be a lot of reasons for Gynecomastia, like liver problems, kidney problems, testosterone deficiency etc.

So he gave me a set of blood tests for hormonal analysis and also for surgery. I was told to meet him with the test results. I did all the tests in Apollo itself. You may choose to do it in some other laboratory which may be cheaper. All in all it came up to some Rs 11,000/- for all the tests and X ray of your chest in Apollo.

From my first interactions with Dr Naveen Rao, I felt that he is uncomfortable when you call him on his cellphone. Maybe I am wrong, I don’t know. But he seems to like emails better than calls. So the rest of the interactions were through emails. And personally I don’t like calling doctors on their cellphones, but if you have ever tried to book an appointment at Apollo you will know. So he asks me to meet him with the test results and all my tests results showed no hormonal imbalance or liver problems of kidney problems. Also I was given an ok for the surgery.

So the surgery was scheduled on 25th June, 2013, Thursday. I was asked to give Rs 5000/- for blocking the surgery date, which is refundable or will be deducted from the surgery cost later on. Doctor told me that I could start going to office on the coming Monday, i.e. 3 days after the surgery. However I took 10 days off from work. The surgery timing would be subject to change, so only on the previous day to the surgery will you get to know the exact time of the surgery.

I asked the doctor about cigarette smoking, and he said that you should stop smoking at least 10 days prior to the surgery and 3 weeks after the surgery, otherwise it will slow down the healing process. I couldn’t resist, specially the days before the surgery, because you are so excited about it and you cannot resist having a drag once in a while .

The day before the surgery, I got a call from doctor and my surgery was scheduled at 6:30 AM. He also sent a detailed mail as to what to follow before the surgery. He told me, not to have anything after 12:00 in the night prior to the surgery, not even water. I had a good dinner and had lots of water before 10:30 pm. You can either shave your chest by yourself or there will be a guy at the hospital to do it for you. Please do not wax your chest, because I have heard of instances where they waxed their chest and their surgery was postponed due to that. I suggest you let the guy in the hospital do it for you.

I was asked to report at the hospital at 5:00 in the morning. As I live just behind Apollo hospital, I did not take a room prior to the surgery (bad decision). It is mandatory to have someone with you when you check in for surgery. My wife and my folks were there with me. You have to make a deposit for Rs 60,000 as surgery deposit after that you have to report at the emergency room in the ground floor.

I was not tensed about the surgery at all, even though this was my first surgery ever. Till then I had never been admitted to a hospital for any reason what so ever. They gave me a surgery suit, which pretty much looks like a gown with laces on the back. I am a substantial bloke myself, and the surgery suit looked funny on me. My wife was giggling all the while; she even took some pics of mine in it. Putting an end to all the fun was the emergency room. It’s gory as hell, and the scary part is when you lie down in bed and you see people with all those apparatuses on them, it scares the shit out of you....

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Hi man,
Thanks for helping me all the time whenever i needed.
Thanks a lot :) 
now i am also feeling good and lucky that i met u and decided to finish this issue :)


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