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For about the last two years ever since I got off of the "juice" my left chest swelled up huge. Not really that huge, but big enough to make me feel like crap and hide.

I used to be fat, but I have been working out now for the last 8 years, I am 25 6'1 230 lbs.

I am probably 13% body fat, and I swear all of that crap is in my left pec.

Anyway.....I have been watching this board for a while now and I can realte to everyone on here. Even though I dont have gyno that bad- ( what is that bad? If you have it a little, it feels like a lot) I know how bad it sucks to be here with no money for surgery,,,,,,but there is hope.

I have worked my butt of and put in the work, and kept my head up when i felt like I wanted to cry and when I was hating my self. I am lucky. I finally got into the postiion I am in now....I found a great board certified doc, and I am going to get my blood test done on friday.

On Feb the 15  I'll put my down payment in, and then between the first and third weeks of March I am going to get this crap taken out of my body. I am sacrificing everything, car....apartment, everything that I work for, for one month, to take this out of me.

It seems like it has been forever......but forever is a real long time. SO I am going to document everything that happens so that when you go to get rid of this crap, and you work hard and you fell like you want to cry cause you are so damn happy, you....will know what to do. The funny thing is, is that I have a hot ass girl, and it doesnt affect my sex life, I walk around with my shirt off and my gf says I look hot, but see....that isnt the point.

The point is to look how you want to look and feel good in your own head about it.

So I wont be quite anymore about it. I will continue to work my ass off, and do everything that I can naturaly to make myself feel better and be in better shape for after the op.

I will keep you guys in the know...the first thing that I thought was a sign of a good doctor that I got was that he requested that I get an endo done before surgery. He also asked me if the chest had been swollen for a while or if it was recent.

He looked at me and then said that he recommened excision with lipo on the left and just lipo on the right.

SO I  can feel the end coming...I can feel it and  I am freaking pumped. So this was kind of a "hello" letter to show other they are not alone.

i will update later.

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Well, I got some time to reply to my last post.

Tomorrow I go in for an appointment to get my blood work done. Not nervous, just pumped as hell. I have been reading up and some of the other cases, and I fell really blessed, I understand how conscious all of this can be and I think that most people have no freaking clue how this totally takes over your life and consumes you.

I should be able to make my appointment for the last week of march, but my work owes me around 1200 bucks, and with my surgery costing me only 2200 including surgery fee, hospital , putting me down, pain meds, everything is included! If you are in Texas I know two of the best doctors ever to go to.

So anyone from Houston reading this hit me back and I'll give you all of their info. The first quote I got was 3200, and I know the guy. He is famous and board certified, the other guy I did tons of research on and he did awesome when I went to talk with him. He really impressed me and described what he would, excision, and lipo , and he actually had this condition himself so he plays down the fee about 1000, you just have to buy the garment yourself from him which he said was only 50 bucks. He also wanted me to get my blood work done because I told him that it had only been really swelling on my left side starting recently, and remember mine is only from taking steroids. So I think he knows it, but I didn’t tell him when he asked, I just told him that it hurt really bad, which it did, but I think hat played a lot in the price to. He first quoted my 1900!, but once I got there and watched the video he jacked up the price to 2100, around 2200 if you include the garment, but he was really impressive.

I can’t wait to get this shit our of me guys! It totally consumes my thoughts and it actually hurts pretty bad, so I just had to say f@#! it, and go all out when I can to get this taken care of.

I feel like my life is on hold, until I get it done.

I will tell you how the blood tests go and I'll ask them to see if they know of anything that you can take to help reduce this horrible condition.

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Hi there. Curious to see how all went and would be interested in knowing more about the surgeons you found that have such reasonable prices.

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  • Gyne free, is the way to be!

A friend of mine did juice, and he has no gyne. Can gyne grow after the use of juice??
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What is 'juice'?  Steroids?
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Yes. "Juice", "Sauce", "The Stuff" all are steroids.


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