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Has anyone had a mammogram and if so do you feel you treated with the same respect   as  females by the facility?


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I've had both a mammogram and altrasound on by breast and I was treated as a regular patient, and with respect. Mine was done at the University of Minnesota.

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morning guys I had a mammogram and ultra sound twice so far and no problem with treatment, the tek asked me to remove my shirt and bra  .I work with these folks and no one has had any comments so as for me it was an ok experience

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I had a mammogram last December, which is how I came to know that I have gynecomastia.  I had had pain in my left nipple for 2-3 months after hitting the corner of a large box against it, so my doc sent me for a diagnostic mammogram.  I was pretty uncomfortable about it at first, but my wife and the mammogram tech put me at ease.  My tech said doing the procedure on men is a lot more common that most people realize, and that she usually had 1 or 2 male patients a week.  The radiologist's determination was gynecomastia instead of anything wrong with my breast.  

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Have had 2 first for possible cancer, this time for Gyno did the 3d scan this time. Never felt treated bad or any funny looks or feeling. 


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