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I feel I may have stumbled upon the reason for my gynecomastia. Or at least the growth that has taken place in the last year. I'm an avid runner and hiker. I am pretty active when I can be otherwise and over time my joints just get inflamed and sore. On a runners forum someone was talking about Red Reishi mushroom supplements for joint pain and inflammation. I decided to give it a try and was surprised in a week or so my knees and back felt a lot better. I took it periodically when needed and it always did the trick. I incorporated it in to my weekly supplements like vitamin d and b complex and zinc and it has just been a good addition. 

Fast forward to the company i bought from being out of stock for a bit, I got on amazon to find another when I went to re order, I looked at reviews and seen some people talking about the anti androgenic effects of Red Reishi they enjoyed. I did not enjoy reading this pesonally lol and wasn't aware this supplement did that. Curious as things online are tough to tell if fact or fiction, I looked it up on the NCBI and other health driven articles and it appears this supplement is a strong anti androgen. I am unsure if taking this supplement for the last year has caused the growth I've experienced, but I have removed it from my regular regimen of things and will be much more detailed in researching things before adding another item for health causes to cross reference if they have impact on hormones on any level. 

Not sure if this post is valid, but thought it was worth mentioning after digging a bit on it and feeling most of us probaby take somethign or another for general health and who knows what it may be doing on the otherside of things that we may be unaware of. I have a GP visit in May and plan on asking her more about this type of thing and having my hormone levels checked 

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It definitely could be a cause, or part of the puzzle. I found this article

If I read it right, it cuts DHT much like finasteride that I’ve been talking for BPH.  Perhaps because I already had some features like gyno before I started (indicating I was already near the edge for T:E ratio, see my your stories post , along with aging) its effects are stronger on me than the average guy.


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