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Diagnosed on August/1995 with a Prolactinoma (Pituitary Tumor secreting at 900) and Kleinfelters with a 47xxy, having surgery for the tumor and medication, plus HRT ending in 2003. the quality of my life stopped in 1995 and has declined rapidly till today, which I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I'm a single male, never have had a relationship, never been married and doomed to live alone with no one. I have to watch every lover, couple enjoy my birthday, while I sulk, alone. Being born on Valentines' Day in 1969 (If that isn't a kick in the teeth), being a compulsive liar, having difficulties in math, unable to remember short term memories, dealing with BS people, trying to stay at the same job for more then a few months, wanting so badly to have a relationship, but not being able to be sexually intimate with anyone... well, I try to keep positive, even though I signed a pact with myself, on my 40th birthday to eat a bullet. I honestly don't know what reason to keep on keeping on. Sure there are people out there that are in worse shape then me, but really think about it... It's me that has to keep ME alive, and not have to worry about EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE DAMN WORLD thats Worse off then me!

I really hate it when people say that to me, it's a wonder I've not flown off the deep end and succumbed to my morbid thoughts, but then I have the news media and the wars on this planet to keep me sane, let the others kill each other off, I'll just flip the channel.

I've met 4 girls after my 20s, all that wanted to go to the NEXT step, marriage, children, raise a family. However, since I'm sterile, all have broke up with me. "Well if you would have told me you we're sterile when we met, I wouldn't have let our relationship get any further!" (She says to me)

SO you are saying there are no single women out there, that don't have kids, don't want kids, would enjoy the company of a good man, who is humorous, likes to go and DO things and enjoys the company of pets over kids? I'M HERE!!!, I really am. And though I might have some mood swings, I might have Bigger boobs then you, for the love of all that is holy give me a freakin chance! Don't let this Cupid spend eternity making everyone around him happy and to go thru life sick... but with a positive attitude... or maybe I'm lying, heck who knows?  :P
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